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"Website" - the website www.maraca-18.com
"Items" - the details of the clothing, footwear, accessories and fashion products appearing on the site and offered for sale to the end consumer.
"User" means any person, including a corporation, who is authorized to perform operations through the Site, all subject to the fulfillment of the said conditions cumulatively:
A. Eligibility to perform legal actions - the user is competent to perform binding legal actions; A person who is a minor (under the age of 18) and / or is not entitled to perform legal actions without the consent of a guardian is required to inform his parents and / or legal guardians (hereinafter: "the Custodian") of the provisions of these regulations and obtain their approval for carrying out any activity, Type, within the site. The responsibility for informing the minors who wish to surf the site regarding the regulations and the supervision of the activities of the minors, so that the minors will act according to the terms of these regulations, applies only to the guardians. Any activity performed by the minors on the site constitutes consent of the minors and / or guardians to the terms of the regulations.
third. The user who has an e-mail mailbox is active on the Internet.

"Date of supply of inventory"
A. Supply of inventory to the customer's home and / or for his / her choice:
(1) Courier service - up to 3 business days from the date of booking.

"Date of supply of inventory" - the date on which the inventory ordered by the user was delivered to the destination requested by the user.
"Mailing address" - the address entered by the user on the order form as the address for sending the order.
"Date requested for the supply of inventory" - the date recorded by the customer as the date of supply of the preferred inventory and / or requested by it.
"The date of execution of the order" - the date on which the transaction was approved by the credit card company, the details of which were entered on the website by the customer.
"Business Days" - Sunday through Thursday in any calendar week, excluding Fridays, Saturdays, holidays, holidays and holidays.
The site is a website on the Internet, which is a virtual store for the purchase of products and services by the public Internet users.
The provisions of these Terms shall apply to any action performed by a "user" on the Site, as defined above.
These Terms of Use constitute a binding agreement between the user and the Company, for all intents and purposes. See the user on the site as someone who has read the rules, accepted the contents of the site and agreed to what is stated therein. A user who does not agree with all or any of the terms of these regulations is requested not to use the site. A person who performs an operation on the site declares that he is aware of the provisions of the website's articles and receives them in full, and that he and / or anyone on his behalf will not have any claim and / or claim against the company and / or the site's management and / or anyone acting on their behalf, The company and / or management of the site and / or in accordance with these regulations and rules of participation.
The terms and conditions of these regulations are also suitable for browsing / using the site through any computer and / or other communication device
(Cell phones, laptops, etc.).
Terms and conditions of use of the Site are subject to change at any time in accordance with the sole discretion of the Company. A change in the provisions of these regulations shall require the wording of the updated regulations from the date of its publication on the site.
The Company shall be entitled to terminate the activity at the Site at any time, at its sole discretion, without being obliged to give notice in advance of termination of the activity.
The Company reserves the right to prevent access to the Site and / or the possibility of carrying out any activity and / or to cancel the participation of a user whose behavior is inappropriate and / or inappropriate and / or deviates from what is stated in the Rules and / or raises concern about an attempt to harm the proper management of the Site .
The contents of the regulations are written in the masculine form for reasons of convenience only, and all that is stated therein is for both men and women.
The following are the range of services and / or content and / or activities offered on the site:
A. Browse and browse various contents.

B. Purchase of products and / or services.

third. Creating a "Favorites List" - List of items selected by the user.

D. Share and send items from the user to friends and acquaintances via email and / or sharing via social networks.

God. Providing feedback and / or responses to items and / or content on the site, which will be posted on the website and / or Facebook page of the company. It is hereby clarified that the Company may restrict, in its sole and absolute discretion, the publication of the Feedback.

and. Tag an item to be selected by the user through social networks.

G. Subscribe to Newsletter - Receive content, marketing and advertising information in various media, as the user chooses.
The Company does not undertake to provide all or part of all of the said contents and / or services on a regular basis on the Site and it has sole discretion to change the list of contents and / or services provided on the Site, to change the structure of the Site, its appearance, Or services in the framework thereof, as well as any other aspect connected with the Site, without the need to give notice to users, who shall have no claim and / or demand and / or claim against the Company in respect of such changes and /
In addition, the Company may remove the Site from the Internet and / or block access to it, in whole or in part. Such downloading and / or blocking may be accompanied by deletion of all information stored therein.
The Company may disqualify and / or refrain from posting any response and / or feedback and / or image and / or content (hereinafter: "the Content") which may harm the name of the Company and / or the public's feelings And / or is of a blatant or sexually offensive nature and / or that may cause a violation of any property rights and / or that contravenes the provisions of any law and / or any other reason, in accordance with the sole and complete discretion of the Company.
The Company may, at its sole and absolute discretion, remove and / or alter any content of the Site's users and prevent any users from the Site from registering (as required) and / or the use of all or part of the Services provided therein.
Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, the users of the site undertake not to publish and / or upload to the site and / or operate on the site and / or display through the website any information and / or computer program and / or words and / or contents that arise in defamation and / or Inaccurate and / or offensive and / or false and / or false and / or immodest and / or offensive to religious and / or sexual and / or threatening and / or racist and / or illegal and / or harmful and / Or that they contain advertisements that are not of the Company and / or that relate to minors and / or that may lead to the identification of minors and / or the creation of contact with minors and / or any other information which may infringe or prejudice the rights of any third party (including, but not limited to,ONLY, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS OR PRIVACY RIGHTS, HEREINSO: "INFRINGING INFORMATION").
The user of the services offered on the site hereby declares and acknowledges that he gives the company the full and exclusive right to use the contents and confirms and warrants that the company will be entitled to use his name and / or his picture in the framework of any publication and / or presentation of the content on the website and / or the Facebook page at any time and without Any consideration whatsoever.
The user of the Services acknowledges that by virtue of his decision to use the Services offered on the Site, he knows that from the date of publication of the feedback and / or responses, sharing, tagging and uploading content of any kind to the Website and / or the Facebook Page, these activities will be exposed to the public.
The user undertakes not to act in a manner that is liable to harm the Company's reputation and / or harm its reputation.
The user declares that the site and / or its contents will not be used for commercial and / or other purposes without prior written approval of the company.
The user undertakes not to copy and / or scan and / or create a database of the content of the site and not to use and / or allow others to use, in any way, the content displayed on the site.
Links should not be made between the site and any site that contains pornographic content, content that promotes racism or illegal discrimination, content that is against the law, content that is illegal or content that encourages illegal activity.
Do not link to pages on the site that are not the site's homepage ("deep link"). When contacting the site, ensure that the exact URL of the site's home page appears in the usual place designated for that in the user's browsing interface.
This address may not be altered, misrepresented or obscured, and may not be replaced at any other address.
The Company may instruct the User to cancel and / or cancel any link to the Website, at its sole discretion, without the user having any claim and / or demand and / or claim against the Company in this matter.

Do not enable and / or allow the operation of any computer application or any other means, including software, such as Crawlers, Robots, etc., for the purpose of searching, scanning, copying or automatically retrieving all or part of the content of the Site. This is not to create or use such means to create a compilation, collection or database that will contain the contents of the site (in whole or in part).
The site and / or its contents and / or the services provided on its website may not be displayed on any other network (whether in a frame or in any other way), whether visible or hidden.
The site and / or its contents and / or the services provided in its framework in any way whatsoever - including any software, device, accessory or communication protocol - that alter the design of the site and / or the content of the site and / or the services provided within the framework of the site and Or remove anything from them (including advertisements and commercial content).
Intellectual Property

All copyrights and intellectual property rights on the Site, including trademarks, patents, models, methods and trade secrets, in the services provided in its framework and in the contents of the Site are the sole property of the Company and are its sole property. These rights apply, inter alia, to the databases on the site (including the list of items, their description, their design and their images), the graphic design of the site, the computer code of the site and all that relates to its operation and any other information published by the company and / All of these shall be defined hereinafter: "the protected rights".

Do not copy, reproduce, modify, publish, market, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, transmit to the public or make available to it, process, create or process derivative works, sell or rent the protected rights and / Trademarks, images, texts, design, etc.) in whole or in part, whether by the user or through and / or in conjunction with a third party, by any means or means - whether electronic, computerized, mechanical, Or by any other means or means - without obtaining prior written consent of the Company and subject to the terms of such agreement, if any.
Trademarks (whether registered or not), company name, logo, company ads, domain name, icons, any information and / or display appearing on the Site, including graphics, design, verbal presentation, editing and presentation are all Also the rights protected above and are the sole property of the Company, and may not be used without its prior written consent.
38. By uploading and / or releasing and / or delivering the User Content on the Site, you hereby confirm that all the rights to the contents are owned by the user who uploaded / published / delivered them to them.As a user is not the creator and / (S) to the site, the uploading / posting of the content to the site is a confirmation that it holds the legal authorization - by the owner of the rights in the said content - to make use of it and to grant it any right (in any place in these regulations / Delivery of user content to the site, the intention is also, inter alia, to send content via message / email via / via the site to the company).
It is hereby clarified that in this case, the Company shall not bear any liability for damages caused (if caused) as a result of a breach of rights as a result of the publication / upload / delivery of surfer content, and the user who posted / published the said content shall indemnify the Company for any expense to which it will be required.
By uploading or publishing the content on the Site, the user grants the Company a free, worldwide and unlimited license to copy, reproduce, distribute, market, publicly make, broadcast, publish, process, edit, translate and use in any other way And to grant sublicenses for all of the above activities, by means of these Articles or in any other way, for consideration or for no consideration, at its sole discretion, both within the Site and in any media which it deems fit.
40. The Company shall be entitled to use in any manner whatsoever, including through commercial exploitation and / or for the creation of rights, including patents, trade secrets, trademarks, designs and copyrights, in ideas, reviews or other expressions contained in the User Content, If not, and will be entitled to allow such use to others, without giving any consideration (including the granting of a "credit", royalties or other benefits)

Without derogating from the foregoing, the Company shall be entitled, in its sole discretion, to grant entitlements and / or to provide gifts to users of the Site who have uploaded such contents, without any obligation or obligation
In accordance with the foregoing, and in order to remove any doubt, it is hereby clarified that all users of the Site hereby waive any right they have in the contents of the Users uploaded to the Site, including with respect to the Credit Interest, and waive any claim against any use made by the Company of these contents.
43. The suspicion and / or the belief that copyright infringement (and / or other rights) on the site should be brought to the company immediately in writing. Steps taken by the Company, and to the extent they are taken, based on such information transferred to it, shall not constitute proof of any breach of any right.

Liability and indemnification

Use of the site is the user's full responsibility.
The user of the site shall have no claim and / or claim and / or demand against the company in connection with the site, the services provided in its framework or its contents. Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, the Company shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for the User Content, including any use made by third parties (if any).
46. ​​The Company does not undertake that the contents of the Site (including the contents of the Users) will be complete, correct, legal, accurate or will meet the expectations and / or requirements of the users.

47. The Company shall not bear any liability for the contents of the Site and / or use and / or reliance on them, and calls upon users to verify the accuracy and truthfulness of any information published on the Site prior to any use thereof. It is clarified, for the avoidance of doubt, that the content of the site is not a substitute for professional advice and / or treatment where required.

48. The Company does not undertake to maintain the availability of the Site and / or the availability of the content of the Site and / or the Site's services. It is hereby clarified that the Site, its contents and the services provided in its framework are not immune to unauthorized access to the Company's computers or from damages, malfunctions, malfunctions or failures - whether in hardware, software, communication lines or systems, whether with the Company or the Site's management. To impose on the company some responsibility and / or to establish a right to any of the users.
The user of the site undertakes to indemnify the company, its employees, managers and / or anyone acting on its behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense incurred by them - including legal fees and court costs - due to violation of these regulations. In addition, the User shall indemnify and / or indemnify the Company, its employees, managers and / or anyone acting on its behalf for any claim, claim or demand raised against them by any third party as a result of user content uploaded and / or posted and / As a result of any use he made of the site's services.
Purchase items on the site
Purchase of items on the site will be done by filling out an order form - the user will choose the item and / or the service, the color and the requested measurement, where each item and / or service offered on the site will display an "item page" Item page "). The company may update the item page from time to time, add or omit details, remove products out of stock, add colors and / or dimensions and update and / or change the price of the item from time to time. It is hereby clarified that the pictures on the site are for illustration purposes only, there may be changes between the pictures (including the colors appearing in the pictures and the item details) and the actual items that arise,
The fact that the items are photographed and displayed on a computer screen. The prices shown on the site include VAT at its rate, unless otherwise expressly stated.
As part of the purchase process, the user will be asked to choose a password, as well as typing basic details such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and credit card number. Be sure to provide the correct and accurate details in order to ensure the execution of the order (hereinafter: "Order Execution"). Delivering false information knowingly may cost you a criminal offense. Fraudulent applicants may be subject to civil and criminal legal proceedings, including damages for damages caused to the Company due to disruption of the operation of the site. In addition, the information provided by the user on the site will be used, inter alia, to send e-mail regarding special promotions or updates on the site, only after obtaining the user's permission to do so
It is hereby clarified that the charge of the person performing the transaction in respect of the cost of the item or service purchased by him will be executed by means of the credit card as soon as the execution of the order has been completed The Product (s) and / or the Service (s) purchased through the Site (ie, the User has made an order and which has been approved) shall be referred to hereinafter as the "Items".
Conditions for completion of the purchase transaction - the purchase transaction will be made only after completion of the order process and after the Company receives approval from the credit card company for the execution of the charge, in accordance with the work procedures existing between them and the Company. If the transaction is not approved by the credit card company, the customer will receive an appropriate notice.
Completion of the purchase transaction is conditional upon the requested items being in stock when the order process is completed. In the case of an item that is out of stock and / or that there is a problem with its supply, for any reason, the Company may notify the user of the cancellation of the order. Such notice shall be delivered to the user by e-mail and / or by telephone and / or message message on the mobile phone, at the discretion of the Company. In such a case, the user shall have no claim against the Company and, in effect, the execution of the order, the User waives any such claim.
The Company reserves the right to limit the quantity of items and / or the order amount, in any order, at its sole discretion.

The order will be recorded on the Company's computers and it will be possible to follow up on it in the "My Account" link on the website. In addition, an e-mail confirmation will be sent within 48 hours from the end of the purchase transaction by the user of the site. To charge the Company. It is hereby clarified that the records of the Company's computer system, which include computerized and automatic registration of all transactions on the Site, constitute prima facie evidence of the contents thereof.

54. Supply of the Product - The user may choose to supply the items ordered directly to his home and / or another destination, at his option (by courier or via registered mail delivery, according to his choice)
A. Delivery to the user's home - the company will supply the user with the items through an independent forwarding company and / or courier service, at its sole discretion (hereinafter: "the shipping company"). The delivery of the items by the shipping company will be made up to 3 business days The date of placing the order on the site The company is not responsible for any act and / or omission of the shipping company, including delay in the delivery of the supply.
"Delivery Fee" - delivery of the items to the user's home and / or to the address of his choice, through a shipping company, will entail a payment of $ 22
B. The customer service department of the company is the body that is responsible for handling requests from users regarding the execution of orders and / or transactions and / or canceling them and / or any other issue - by email or telephone, on weekdays only, between 9.00-18.00
B. MARACA-18 is a secure site, so that data entered into the system by customers during registration and / or browsing and / or purchase will remain confidential and secure. In order to protect the confidentiality of the information, the Company operates through an SSL-Secure Socket Layer protocol, which is used to encrypt data from the time they are received in the system until they are transferred to the Website

God. The credit information of the users who perform transactions on the site are not saved in the company's systems, since the credit card clearing is performed by an external party (transyla PAYPAL). In light of the fact that we are dealing with activities in an online environment, the Company is unable to guarantee absolute immunity from infiltrations into the existing computer system and / or disclosure of information stored by illegal operators, and therefore if any third party is able to penetrate information held by the Company and / The user shall have no claim, claim and / or demand against the Company. In addition, in cases arising from force majeure, the Company shall not be liable for any damage and / or damage of any kind, indirect and / or direct, that may be caused to the user and / or anyone acting on his behalf, if any information provided by the user on the Company's website will be lost and / To a hostile entity and / or to use it without authorization.

The Company may change the Privacy Policy from time to time.

Customer Service
For details and clarifications regarding orders, items and / or their supply, please contact the Customer Service Division at the email address MARACA1855555@GMAIL.COM Sunday through Thursday from 9.00 to 18.00